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Popular faqs

How do I take a water sample?

This film explains you how to take a water sample.

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How do I take a soil sample?

This film explains how to take a greenhouse soil sample.

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How do I take a potting soil sample?

This film explains how to take a potting soil sample.


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Which documents do I need to send in a sample?

To prevent unnecessary delays at customs, you need to send  your samples (water, soil or crop) to Eurofins Agro  in the right way. Find a handy step-by-step plan to ensure smooth sample submission: www.sending-samples.com

Where can I find an explanation for my reports?

Here you can find an explanation of the analysis report on drain water and potting soil. 

What is the Soil Life Monitor used for?

Soil Life Monitor responds to the widespread demand for a better understanding of soil life and biological soil quality. As the number of permitted crop protection products declines and awareness of the importance of soil life grows, many sectors are paying more attention to soil life nowadays. 

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