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Fertilization Manager gives you:

  • Insight into the soil’s chemical, physical and biological fertility
  • Macro and micro elements (essential nutrients)
  • Plant available nutrients and also the (total) soil stock
  • Content and quality of organic matter; including infographics (e.g. organic matter balance)
  • CEC characteristics
  • Information about risk of decline in soil structure
  • Texture triangle (soil type)
  • Water holding capacity (pF-curve)
  • Microbial soil life


Fertilization Manager provides fertilization advice based on plant-available nutrients and reserves in the soil. The analysis results (in kg or grams per ha) are compared with the agricultural target values. Advice is available on all nutrients for more than 200 crops. Recommendations are soil based (how to improve your yield potential) and crop based (optimal recommendation for the growing season).

The specific properties of each crop are taken into account. In the case of calcium, for example, not only the yield is taken into account but also the susceptibility to quality problems. The advice is presented in kg or grams of nutrient per hectare. This enables you and your advisor to work out which fertilizer to use and to develop the best a fertilization plan.

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