Soil life monitor now also for horticulture

5 November 2020 - News

A healthy soil contains millions of microorganisms. Rich, active soil life helps to improve the soil structure and suppress diseases. SoilLifeMonitor provides a picture of the active fungi and bacteria in the soil.

Eurofins Agro introduced this analysis for outdoor crops this spring. The Soil Life Monitor is now also available for greenhouse soil, substrate, irrigation water and drain water. Greenhouse soils and substrates containing high levels of soil organisms are productive growing media. The activity of the soil life promotes decomposition of organic matter and improves the soil structure. High levels of microbial activity also often increase the moisture retention capacity of greenhouse soil.


Greenhouse soils and substrates with high levels of microbial activity provide less space for pathogens, and therefore boost the plants’ resistance to them. In this way, an active root environment contributes to a healthy plant. It is therefore important to ensure an active soil life. This starts by knowing what life is present in your soil. The Soil Life Monitor provides insights into a number of key parameters. Besides enabling you to compare different soils and substrates, it also helps you track the changes in activity over time and to determine the effect of various treatments on the soil life.

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