Online access to Eurofins data

17 June 2021 - News

In July 2021 a pilot group of Dutch growers will get access to the web based 30MHz Eurofins-platform. This makes it possible for them to manage their Eurofins data of soil, water and crop analyses. And what’s more, the platform makes it possible to better understand interrelationships between, for example, fertilization and climate data by combining data. By joining this platform, Eurofins Agro takes another step into the data-driven greenhouse horticulture of the future.

Eurofins Agro Horticulture and 30MHz started their collaboration about a half year ago. The aim of the partnership is to make Eurofins data available on the 30MHz data platform. This will not only enable growers to view and manage their data online, for example in the form of graphs, but also to combine their fertilization data with other information such as climate data.

The 30MHz data platform is an online system that retrieves data from all kind of sources in the greenhouse, like sensors and climate systems in real time.  It will soon be possible to retrieve and link data from Eurofins Agro, making it easier to keep track of all crop-related information on a central dashboard that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or PC.

New insights

Eurofins Agro is convinced this step makes data accessible and easier to use. The combination with other data, provides growers with new insights and enables them to further optimise their fertilisation and irrigation.

The finishing touches are currently being made to the data connection and the special Eurofins Agro app. We expect Eurofins data to be available on the 30MHz platform from 1 July 2021. Data will only be available via 30MHz if a grower has given his/her consent. Eurofins Agro customers will be contacted individually with details on how to register as soon as the data connection and the app are ready for use.

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