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20 May 2021 - News

For greenhouse horticulture testing, Chinese growers can use the local Eurofins laboratory in Suzhou in eastern China. Van Iperen International and the local team of Eurofins in China have recently made a new cooperation agreement. The number of submitted greenhouse horticulture samples is increasing significantly.

Currently, samples are still collected locally in Suzhou and sent to Eurofins Agro in Wageningen for analysis. Clients receive their report via Eurofins colleagues in China. To minimize time loss due to transport, employees in the Chinese laboratory have been trained last year to analyze samples according to the Eurofins Agro standards. Currently the methods are being validated and in a few weeks the Chinese lab will be able to analyze samples routinely and reliably.

Cooperation with Van Iperen Int.

Fertilizer supplier Van Iperen International is an important supplier in the Chinese market. For fertilizer advice to growers, the supplier uses soil and water analyses from Eurofins Agro.

Recently Van Iperen International made new agreements on the cooperation with the local team of Eurofins in China. 

Photo: The Eurofins China and Van Iperen International teams sign the cooperation contract.


Locally analysis followed by quick advice

In the new situation the samples will be analyzed in China and the results will be sent digitally to Eurofins Agro in Wageningen, where the results will be linked to the target values for the crop in question. Within 12 hours of sending the results, a complete report with target values and advice follows and will be send to the grower in China. This way the grower will get a quick and efficient insight into the situation in the greenhouse and Van Iperen International can advise the correct fertilizers for optimal crop growth.

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