Eurofins Horti, nice to meet you!

24 November 2021

"The number of greenhouse horticulture samples at Eurofins Agro has grown significantly in recent years. It's time to continue as an independent business line under a recognizable name," says Theo Aanhane. He proudly launches the name of the independent division: ’Eurofins Horti’.

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Online access to Eurofins data

17 June 2021 - News

In July 2021 a pilot group of Dutch growers will get access to the web based 30MHz Eurofins-platform. By joining this platform, Eurofins Agro takes another step into the data-driven greenhouse horticulture of the future.

PCR-test for ToBRFV in seeds

2 June 2021 - Articles

The EU has tightened up the rules for controlling the spread of the highly damaging ToBRFV. Eurofins Agro can perform a PCR test on seeds for in-house information gathering.

Spotlight on calcium

1 June 2021 - Articles

In this edition of our series on nutrients for horticultural crops, we focus on calcium (Ca). This is the fourth article in this series, after nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).

Keep an eye on disinfector efficacy

1 June 2021 - Articles

One in five samples of the greenhouse disinfection systems still exceeds the target value. This is revealed by the water samples taken with the DisinfectorCheck over the past five years.

Fast analysis and advice for Chinese growers

20 May 2021 - News

For greenhouse horticulture testing, Chinese growers can use the local Eurofins laboratory in Suzhou in eastern China. For this purpose Van Iperen Int. and Eurofins Agro have recently signed an agreement.

Testing provides indispensable insight

18 May 2021 - Academy

Which spots are important to sample in the greenhouse? This animation tells you more. Eurofins Agro offers the complete portfolio of testing, innovative analyses and reliable crop advice.

Training 'Greenhouse soil testing'

9 February 2021 - Academy

Jan Hardeman explains the testing of greenhouse soil and its relation to fertilization of the crop.

Training 'Testing of water'

8 February 2021 - Academy

Jan Hardeman explains testing of water and its relation to fertilization of hydroponics and pot plants.

Training 'Testing of growing media'

7 February 2021 - Academy

Jan Hardeman explains testing of growing media for greenhouse applications.